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About Kim


I have been involved in the fitness industry for most of my working life in one capacity or another and I fully believe that being physically fit is the corner stone to building a strong spiritual foundation, and my wish for anyone buying and using my products is the same as that for myself.

My wish for you is that you’ll come to understand that exercise is not an activity to be approached with dread, something that we must do 3 times a week because we are told” Its good for us” rather something to do with joy, on a daily basis.

Every area of your life is influenced by your health and vitality!

Your relationship with yourself and others, your finances, your outlook on life are just a few areas that regular exercise will be of benefit to you.

If you're involved in the fitness Industry and would like to find out just how to utilise simple inexpensive marketing strategies to gain more sales, more referrals and more leads as well as download some free material that you'll find useful to help yopu do just that) then

My two websites at www.kimmartinfitnessmarketing.com

and www.fitness marketingstrategies.com will help you do just that.

Want to create your own product? here are two that we've created that we utilise in a number of ways, from thank you gifts to membership incentives at

www.powercardiosecrets.com and www.fabulouslyfitforever.com

and of course the site that you're now on.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you've any questions.


Warm Regards Kim Martin September 2011


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