"Want to get leaner, fitter, and healthier? Sick of paying gym fees without knowing what your doing? Got a treadmill or piece of home gym equipment gathering dust in your lounge or bedroom? Then let Australia's foremost fitness marketing consultant give you the tools you need to get RESULTS!"

"Work Out Of The Week

"The Complete in the gym or at home fitness training system for anybody that wants to get  results and stay motivated "

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From Kim Martin

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          Dear Friend

Work Out Of The Week was created by me after hearing and seeing the same story repeat itself countless times over my 25 plus years in the fitness industry.

The facts are many thousands of people every year buy treadmills, bikes or some other type of home exercise equipment. Many more join gyms on a 3,6 or 12 month term ONLY to use less than one third of the time they've paid for. And that's not necessarily their fault.

It Has To Do With The Fitness Industry Today!

A lot of the larger and also some of the smaller chains of fitness centres have a "burn and Churn" mentality. They think "short term" Once they've got your money you become "persona non grata" meaning unless you've got MORE money to pay for personal training then they don't want to know you, until your membership is due to renew anyway...

My  Solution to create a range of fitness tools that would help to not only keep you motivated but to help get results that's visible short term results by helping you understand how to eat and exercise correctly. Work Out Of The Week will do just that without making you on fad diets, without you doing endless hours of muscle destroying cardio with giving you a load of "spin" like telling you exercise is "not necessary" or that "a gentle walk is you need"

Most people do not understand that a gentle walk on the treadmill will do "zilch" in terms of increasing fitness, neither do they understand that doing isolation exercises for weight loss such as dumbbell curls simply does not work-it's going through the motions, nothing more than a waste of time! So......

What can WOTW Do For Me..?

Adds a whole new dimension of variety and muscle stimulating/fat burning workouts to using any piece of home exercise equipment such as bikes, treadmills, rowing machines and cross trainers. Within 90 days of purchase industry statistics say that expensive piece of exercise equipment will end up as a "clothes horse" or sold on eBay or cash converters. Using the the information and step by step workouts on WOTW you'll get results, stay motivated and actually enjoy using what you've bought!

Can be easily organised to give you a whole body cardio and weights workout in less than 30 minutes

Can be done at home on the days you do not go to the gym simply substitute the exercises using machines or weights with the bodyweight exercises on your DVD library

Easy to set up and understand even for a beginner

Can be adapted for any size workout area

Can utilise exercises using a wide variety of equipment or just your own bodyweight

Can be customised to adapt to your sport.

Can be used with the equipment that you may have already purchased for home use

Use it with your current gym program to keep your enthusiasm levels high!

Use it at home using the extensive "How To" DVD exercise library!

Or no equipment at all-using the WOTW bodyweight exercises library!

Just use it and you'll get all the results You want.

WOTW  step by step DVD showing you how To Use The Pin loaded & cardio Equipment

It's NOT how long you're in the gym, it's what you do while you're in there that'll get you results. This DVD goes into correct training techniques that help maximise the results you get during your workout. I cover treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, cross trainers and a full range of pin loaded equipment showing you how to use each piece effectively during your workout-in the gym or at home!

WOTW  PDF MAIN manual Contains: WOTW explanation, WOTW the circuit system, loads of sample gym circuits and home workouts, WOTW benefits of various types of cardio equipment Pin loaded weight equipment- training photos of commonly used exercises and detailed explanation

WOTW  PDF manual on gym & exercise terminology. Simple to read, large print and easy to follow. If you're a member of a gym It's your map to getting where you want to go faster!

WOTW PDF manual on Food Guide- a simple easy to understand guide about nutrition including how to read the food labels. You'll be staggered at what you think is healthy that's really junk food loaded with fat and sugar. The manual also allows you to chart your meals on a daily basis-IF you want to.

WOTW PDF manual on understanding what your bodies metabolism, does and how it affects your looks, health and energy level. I still get people thinking that missing meals is the way to lose weight, it's not their fault they simply don't know. you ARE what you eat and a slow sluggish metabolism is not going to provide energy or help you to lose weight. This book explains what you need to do to "supercharge" your bodies fat burning energy cells.

 All the Manuals are on CDROM (unless you purchased the physical version of this package)-insert into your computer and download to your desktop to print out. All manuals are short, large print, no technical mumbo jumbo will show you how small changes in your diet and exercise routine done over a period of time will generate continuing and lasting results!

WOTW Exercises Library DVD Set on DVD

Dozens and dozens of exercises for you to watch and learn at your own pace, using equipment or no equipment. Your complete "Personal Trainer" without the fees. having a variety of different workouts increases results, keeps enthusiasm high and helps you stay motivated.

Covers a full range including: stretching, advanced, intermediate, beginner, warm-ups and strength training.


WOTW  Stretch and Relax DVD

You are as young as your spine! So your fit, so your strong BUT can you touch your toes, better yet can you stand upright and place your palms flat on the floor without bending your legs?

Do first thing in the morning as a workout in itself or incorporate a few of the stretches as a pre or post part of your program, the benefits of deep breathing combined with gentle stretching to release and unlock hidden tension= Bliss!

WOTW "Super Mind Evolution" Motivational Collection

  • Covers Business-winning attitude

  • Being successful

  • Goal setting-motivation

  • hypnotic induction dual and simple

  • relaxation motivation and energy

  • Hypnotic induction dual

These are powerful brainwave entrainment MP3s.  Many experts in the field of self-improvement have said that success or failure depends not on conscious effort (willpower) but rather on subconscious programming.
You could do all the hard work in the world, but if you have the wrong mental programming, you won't achieve your dreams.

So how do you wipe out ingrained negative subconscious patterns and install positive subconscious patterns?

Full description of how to use them and what they'll do for you is at the download area. These work! I use these as well as others on a daily basis. They have reshaped my thinking patterns and are completely safe to use.

Simply insert the CD into your CD/DVD drive and drag and drop the files to your desktop where you can:

  • Listen to them on your computer.

  • Upload them to your personal entertainment device

  • Or burn them to a CD to listen to as your relaxing, working out, using the computer etc(not while  driving!)

We've also included a fitness library for you to browse at your leisure.

I firmly believe success starts "between the ears" The more you come to understand the faster you'll get results-in all areas of your life.

"Included In The Fitness Library"


  • A Training-Diet Strategy part I

  • A Training-Diet Strategy part II

  • The 5 Worst Diet Gimmicks

  • Take Control of Your Metabolism

  • Where Diets Go Wrong


  • Coffee, Caffeine, and Fitness

  • Diets Don’t Work

  • Nutrition Success Strategies for Summer

  • Guidelines for taking supplements

  • Crucial to Athletes/What About Genetics?

  • Keeping Weight Loss Simple

  • The History of Nutrition.

  • Defining What Is Essential.

  • The Best Supplements For Health.

  • Master Your Metabolism

  • Supplement Hierarchy

  • Water

  • The Skinny on Body Fat

Weight Training

  • The Meaning of “Lifting Hard"

  • Advantages of Free Weights vs. Machines

  • Beginner’s Tips for Focusing on Form

  • Setting Up Your Home Gym

  • Success with Strength Training

  • The Functional Training Craze

  • Tips for Setting up a Home Gym.

  • The Pain When You Gain: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness


  • Every Breath You Take

  • It’s All About Attitude

  • Name the Dream to Claim the Dream

  • The First Steps To Fitness – Taking Action

  • Rocking (Chair) Change

  • When the Resolve is Gone

  • Too Busy to Get Fit?

  • All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Go.


  • Straighten Up

  • Arthritis: How Ease the Pain

  • Building a Healthy Body on a Small Budget

  • Fitness for children

  • Lose Weight Faster With Circuit Training

  • Genes that Fit

  • Quit Smoking And Lose Weight

  • Separating Fitness Fact from Fitness Fiction

  • Shin Splints

  • Staying Healthy and Avoiding Injuries

  • The Meaning of “Lifting Hard"

Injury Prevention & Treatment

  • Arthritis: How Ease the Pain

  • Shin Splints

  • Straighten Up

  • Staying Healthy and Avoiding Injuries

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Strain

  • Game, Set, Match…

Fitness A to Z

  • About the Body – Part 1

  • About the Body – Part 2

  • The Fundamental Unit of the Body

  • The Body: A System of Systems.

  • Exercise and Pregnancy

  • Fitness for children

  • Genes that Fit

  • I want to lose weight: is cardiovascular or strength

  • training better?

  • Lose Weight Faster With Circuit Training

  • Separating Fitness Fact from Fitness Fiction

  • Train Smart – Cardiovascular Activity is Not a No

  • Brainerd

  • 10 Ways to Rev Up the Metabolism

  • Sleep and Exercise: Partners in Fitness

  • Cancer by Obesity

To Recap You'll be Getting:

WOTW DVD How to use the Gym Equipment Sold separately from it's own website for..$37 HERE $37
WOTW Food, Exercise and Metabolism Manuals Sold separately for $12.50 each.. $37.50

WOTW Exercises Library DVD Set on DVD Available separately for..

WOTW  Stretch and Relax DVD Available separately for.. $24
WOTW "Super Mind Evolution" Motivational Collection Available separately on CD for.. $67

WOTW "Fabulously Fit Forever" Sold separately from its own website for $27 HERE


Total Value

PLUS you'll get the bonus every 3 weeks at no charge I promise that this alone may be worth more to you than the price of the entire package put together! This could literally be priceless to you.


You're Total Investment is Only $77!

And One VERY Special Bonus!

Every 3rd week for 3 months you'll get a chunky PDF stuffed full of tips tricks and resources including new and additional workouts for your fitness arsenal to help you in your quest to get fit, keep healthy and stay motivated. And I can promise a lot of what you read will be REALLY eye opening, including natural health remedies that "big pharma" doesn't want you to know about, stress reduction strategies (non drug!) over the counter natural depression cures, peak performance foods, accelerated learning techniques ..and loads more and I'll show you how a lot of these resources are FREE



Get instant access right now.

Yes  Kim! I want to get Work Out Of The Week right now. I understand that I will get the DVDS which are the physical part of WOTW posted to me anywhere in the world included in the price of only $77 I will also get instant access to everything else.

Warm Regards

Kim Martin

NB This is about 45 minutes of a half decent Personal trainers time, probably one fifth the price of a six month gym membership and a fraction  of what you've probably paid for that treadmill or piece of equipment that you have at gathering dust. By investing in Work Out Of The Week I promise you the same level of commitment I give to each and every one of my clients that I speak with "face to face" and don't forget you're covered by my unconditional 12 month money back guarantee.


NBB It doesn't stop there I'll also be adding new material once every 3 weeks for a full 3 months after your purchase-not enough to give a case of information overload but simple, easy to implement strategies that will keep you on track to getting the results you want!

Get instant access right now.

Yes  Kim! I want to get Work Out Of The Week right now. I understand that I will get the DVDS which are the physical part of WOTW posted to me anywhere in the world included in the price of only $77 I will also get instant access to everything else.

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